Friday, April 18, 2014

To get straight to the point, my boyfriend told me that I can have a sugar daddy.  Initially I thought to get rid of my boyfriend. I'm use to being in relationships with men that are providers so his statement did not sit well with me. I busted his balls and basically told him that he was less of a man for being ok with me having a sugar daddy.  He tried to make me feel bad for making him feel like less of a man and for a little while I did. He works two dead end jobs and he doesn't have much money so I figured that's probably why he's ok with me having a sugar daddy.  I guess he figures I can't give you money and pay your bills so I should at least let another man do it. All of my friends and associates male and female say the same thing, get rid of him. When I entered into a relationship with him I knew what he had and did not have, his two dead end jobs did not matter. All that mattered was how he treated me, and he treated me wonderfully. I could not fathom how is actions and words fell apart. The more that I think about this situation I get disgusted. If you cannot provide for your woman, and you're ok with another man taking up your slack, you do not need to be in a relationship in the first place.  I strongly feel that no woman should be with a man that cannot provide emotional support, physical support, and financial support. The real issue is that if your man is willing to share you he is not your man, ditch him.  A real man will do all that he can to keep another man away from his QUEEN.  A real man will do all that he can to provide for you.  To often women settle for the wrong kind of man. It's ok to be alone until you find the right kind of man.